✚9940✚ Hungarian Kingdom Horthy World War Commemorative Medal WW1 miniature


Original Hungarian Kingdom post WW1 Commemorative Medal of the World War with Helmet & Swords (for combatants) miniature, IN NICE CONDITION, GOOD DETAILED EXAMPLE, DIAMETER: cca 16 mm


Hungarian Commemorative Medal of the World War - Awarded "with helmet and swords" to soldiers and other combattants or "without helmet and swords" to all other war participants or to the nearest relative of a soldier. This medal was instituted on 26 May 1929 by the Regent, Admiral Horthy. The obverse shows the weapon shield of Hungary surmounted by a crown and, if so awarded, with swords underneath the shield. The reverse bears the text "PRO DEO ET PATRIA / 1914-1918" (for God and Fatherland 1914-1918) and, if so awarded, with a WWI helmet over the dates. In case of the award "without helmet and swords", the ribbon is white with green-red-white side stripes.